Yes, I managed to get a fever when Sandra was here. So I haven't written here, because of the simple reason that nothing happend. I've been at home whining about how incredibly harsh it has been for me, hihi. Today I decided to go to the store though, so I could get some oxygen.

I did fix makeup and shower just so I would feel less ill then I acctually am!

Valle took bicycle! Here his supportwheels got stuck on both side of the path, so his backwheel was just spinning when he was peddling.

Since Valle begged to go to the park, we did a sidetour there for about 40minutes.

He made some friends there, and 20 minutes he spent in this slide.
Climbing up and down.
I could here them scream of laughter, that's how fun he was having!

But he also played a bit alone.
Even on this spinning swing, where I offerd to help.
Boring mom wasn't allowed to play, haha.

I bought a notebook where I can write down all the finnish Candid's been teaching me...

Yes, it looks extremly childish, which suits it purpose.
Right? Haha!


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