Shopping is a temptation hard to resist,

So, my dad came here and picked us up to go check some stores, and hang out.


We found a carpet for the hallway, finally.
And also  managed to buy a purple flower and a lamp, that still needs decoration.

After shopping, we went to eat food at "
Frida och Jag", and it sure looks ominominom?

Even though Valle was not amused...

Then we went to this playground, and here Valle managed to climb to the top!

They had some really.. weird.. playthings in this park?

My dad got to play too, haha.

And then there was this incredible place!

Everything was really wooden and natural, me likessss!

Valle had to, of course, climb all the way to the treehouse in the middle.

And, even though it's really high up, he manages!

Soooo... I had to try too.
But I got too scared that the rope would break, so I really only got stuck in this stance..

And I will end today with this lovely picture.
Which was taken right before my ass started showling up dirt from the ground.
Since the rope couldn't care that much weight, and just sloped down into the ground.
All I could hear was Valle screaming 'JAG TROR INTE DEN ÄR TILL FÖR MAMMOR OCH PAPPOR' ..
..and my dad.. laughing.

Hope you had a nice day!
Now I will collapse from all the shopping.
Dead tired, haha.


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