I ate so much cake, I don't know if it's acceptable.. We however had to try one of the recipies from the bakingbook Pernilla gave me as christmasgift! And since Pernila didn't want that awsomely nutty spongecake, we went with berries, berrycream and meringues.

Looks awsome, right? ♥

And we got so many yolks that we decided to make some cookies aswell.

But we had neither vanilla sugar or cacao, so we used a little of both and oboy-powder... And used some tool to form the cookies to look 'good'.
The rest of the yolks, and some eggwhites since Karin failed in seperating them, were fried to my breakfast tomorrow, hihi!

Otherwise, Karin and Pernilla got this amazing idea to enter a datingsite. It was kinda funny to look around, but it's really expencive to acctually use one. For free, you can neither chat or send messages.. Just look around. Bullshit?

Oh well, tomorrow I will try and get that new mobilephone!
And I will go to Sandras apartment and check around. ;)


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