So, sorted toys for 2 hours?

And I sneezed like a maniac. Everything is in boxes on a high shelf now though, so only a few will be available at a time. I really dislike christmas invasion of toys. He already got like millions of toys, the last thing my apartment needs is ... more of them.

And look, the drawings have multiplied themselves..

Ate about the same thing as yesterday today.
400 kcal.

And I am not sure if anyone has acctually wonderd, but no Valle doesn't eat exactly the same thing.
He doesn't like neither ruccola, avocado or olives, so he got pieces of cheese, potatoes and glass of milk.

He already ate almost all cheese before I got to take a photo!


Afterwards I made an entire teapot of tea, and we sat down to read.

This picture just cracks me up.. :D

And if he doesn't break millions of hearts when he's grown up...
I'mma eat my hat.

You think I can break some aswell...? xD

7..20 Kcal so far then.
Now I'm going to take a bath before I tuck Valle in.
See you

Postat av: SAS

Jag vill också kunna bada =(

2012-01-05 @ 01:02:36

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