So yeah, I couldn't get up..

I fucking hate my snoozebutton, it gives me a false sence of having control of my sleep.

2 hours later, Y U NO STILL UP FROM BED?!

A nice goodmorning-music will save my day though!

So I thought about writing something I read from the newspaper today, mostly to prove to my mom that I acctually do read it, but there's nothing that I feel comfterable enough to write about.

Like the new comment about the "internal fights in Socialdemokraterna", where Ylva Johansson and Morgan Johansson wrote on twitter / facebook openly about their opinions about the current work in the party. Ylva commented that "We have to realise that it's the party itself and our leader that has messed up and put us in to the serious position we now are in", and Morgan have then written "Have read about Ylva Johansson act out in her blogg. The creep shooting has to stop now. Our voters have a right to demand that we gather and conducts politic instead of internal squabbles".

Now I know very little about politics, but when they now decide to keep a person leading their party that at one point lost all his credibility, wouldn't it be a wiser move to acctually  show a complete unity and gain back some of the confidence they lost? It's very understandable that people have different views on what happend, who's to blame and what the best action would be to now take, but if you're one of the larger parties in Sweden is there really room for offical personal thoughts when a decision has already been made? Because any sight of weakness gets picked up by media and the whole thing gets to be worked through again.

But yes, I am not really comfterable in discussing this since I honestly don't know enought about politics and leading a party. I just figured some tactical moves, like Moderaterna used, would be working better in the longer run. But Hey, what do I know.

Now I'm going to get dressed and pack incase my brother will tell me to go Erikdal.
And so far it's like.. 320 kcal.
I misscounted on my berries... :D


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