Karin is the best there is!

She and I went with Valle when Gröna Lund opened, managed to outlive rain in rollercoasters, and still left after Micke and Jenni. Think we spent.... 6 hours there?

Karin also went loads of rides together with Valle!
And when I rode with Valle, she rode alone instead..


Karin, later on, also taught Valle to lift his hands high into the air.
But for now, he kept them safely holding himself to the ladybug.

My two children!

I acctually thought it went pretty far up...
Daredevil Valle!

More cars!


Well we ate a bit, and then rode the last rides with Valle.
After that my dad picked him up, and we just waited for Jenni and Micke to come.

You can really see how the rain is closing in..

Black.. clouds... closing in..

But that doesn't stop the two most wacked children!

Karin managed to win a pirateset..
Too bad my mobile can't take good pictures during night.

But I think you get the picture...

Jenni is cheering for Micke, hihi.

Which obviously worked, since he got a new 'highscore'.

And I didn't get that many pictures from rides and such, since I was in them too. Obviously.
But we had one hell of a day! It was really really much fun!

I have to post my lentil soup that I ended the day with.


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