Robin was here today,

And we had a really nice today together! First we went out walking around in the sunny weather.

Robin, of course, found a swing to play with...

..which Valle of course wanted to join on..

...and they had really fun together!

And I was egopicturing myself in the meanwhile..

And Robin took picture too...

Robin decided to try Valles skateboard, but he failed. So. Miserably.
(Don't rampage on me for posting the picture, the world have to see it!!)

Robin also find a flying ball, that he thought Valle could play with.

After this, we went home and ate food, which I made Robin cook, and then scones!

Yes, there is spinach on Valles plate!

Making scones!

Eating scones!
With strawberry, apricot and orange marmelade, omnomnom.

But now I'm really beat of tiredness!
Good night, sweet dreams!


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