So, Karin was here today, and we went out to pick blueberries to pie!

Laban was of course also there, even though he constantly smashed all the blueberries by rolling over..


Karin warriorpainted Laban, haha!

And egopicture...

Fingers went all blue-red.

We went home when the thunder started rumbling.
Those dark clouds were really intimidating..

And now, blueberry frikkin pie!


At least Karin thought so..

Or maybe it was just the vanilla sauce she fancied, hihi.

School started again,

And it feels great! Felt wonderful to meet all sweet and amazing people again, nice subjects again - sience - and it doesn't seem like too hard studying is required. Just need to order that book I'm missing, and I'm good to go!

Yeah, Pernilla's not going to be happy..
..but really. That haircut looks wonderful on her.

It's raining,

But it's full sunshine! Look at that beautiful rainbow! You can't really tell how much it's raining, but I'm all happy!

Funniest quest, ever!

I can't believe I haven't done this earlier, haha!

I'm standing in fire, porco dio me, hihi!

Yes, Candid is helping me with Uldum quests so we can do the achivements there. I'm going to beat you Shangalar, I will do it!


Yes, I managed to get a fever when Sandra was here. So I haven't written here, because of the simple reason that nothing happend. I've been at home whining about how incredibly harsh it has been for me, hihi. Today I decided to go to the store though, so I could get some oxygen.

I did fix makeup and shower just so I would feel less ill then I acctually am!

Valle took bicycle! Here his supportwheels got stuck on both side of the path, so his backwheel was just spinning when he was peddling.

Since Valle begged to go to the park, we did a sidetour there for about 40minutes.

He made some friends there, and 20 minutes he spent in this slide.
Climbing up and down.
I could here them scream of laughter, that's how fun he was having!

But he also played a bit alone.
Even on this spinning swing, where I offerd to help.
Boring mom wasn't allowed to play, haha.

I bought a notebook where I can write down all the finnish Candid's been teaching me...

Yes, it looks extremly childish, which suits it purpose.
Right? Haha!

Sandra was here!

And we had a really nice time. We baked scones, made cucumbersandwiches and watched a chickflick.


Valle got to sit on the floor, since he didn't fit in the sofa..

Too bad I feel like I'm fainting from a fever now.
Hope it'll get better tomorrow!

Waiting for Sandra,

who's going to pick me up so we can go get Valle from daycare! Then we're going to watch movies and drink afternoontea! Yes, it means more scones! And maybe some cucumbersandwiches, of some sort?

In the meanwhile, I'll just post some egopictures instead of acctually clean the apartment, as I should..

I like this shirt... especially since I lost enough weight to wear it again!

My mom took pictures of me and her car!
I wanted to lay on the hood as a sexy poser, but she screamed at me...
Don't understand why, haha!

And I'm happy because I have a headset!
I can now teach Candid to understand swedish!

..Which will take about... 10 years?

Nah, I won't be mean to him.
He's acctually really good at it.


Today Candid gave the suggestion to make mexican food, and since I do not how to make mexican food.. I did something that looked a bit.. mexican?

Kidneybeans, red peppers and corn... is mexican?

Valle was not amused, and mostly filled himself with yellow paprika

Robin was here today,

And we had a really nice today together! First we went out walking around in the sunny weather.

Robin, of course, found a swing to play with...

..which Valle of course wanted to join on..

...and they had really fun together!

And I was egopicturing myself in the meanwhile..

And Robin took picture too...

Robin decided to try Valles skateboard, but he failed. So. Miserably.
(Don't rampage on me for posting the picture, the world have to see it!!)

Robin also find a flying ball, that he thought Valle could play with.

After this, we went home and ate food, which I made Robin cook, and then scones!

Yes, there is spinach on Valles plate!

Making scones!

Eating scones!
With strawberry, apricot and orange marmelade, omnomnom.

But now I'm really beat of tiredness!
Good night, sweet dreams!

Candid is awsome

Even Candid himself think's so!


So I'm having the worst day for my mood, since everything is just going RAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH, and I go out for a walk with Laban, since I'm doggiesitting him today. While walking there's this modelplane flying around in air. I couldn't help noticing it, since it has this annoying bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz sound. But then, suddenly, the wings flew off it. Just dropped down on the ground. And the plane flew straight forward into a tree and it echoed BOOOOFFFF all over the field. That's when I laughed so hard that I started crying. Pms, all gone.

I'm acctually satisfied!

With the food I did today! It's mushroompasta, and it was really tasty!

Even if it doesn't look all that.. good.

And just yet another egopictures, caus I don't have that much to comment today.

I have the best of friends!

Really, I am so happy to have all of you!! Linus, your call really made me happy.
And Karin, Pernilla and Sandra, you're always lifesavers!

Me and Karin went out for a walk with Laban, so he could take a swim!

Karin tried to make Laban swim out and fetch a stick.

And of course he took it!

After we ate icecream on the beach, we went to fetch Valle at daycare. And then we went home to start on our baking-blogg. We started on our first recipe from the book today! But the site is not up entierly yet, so you get why there's nothing in there..

Valle was very helpful!

We also made dinner, omnom.

Valle seemed to like it.

Karin tries to hog all the muffins for herself.

But now I'll continue raiding..
..have to get up early tomorrow, for daycare and to meet my mom.
I miss you here in the raid tonight though, Candid, but I hope you're having fun!


Since I'm not feel all that well, the blogg is temporarily a bit down..

I however wanted to add that we killed, one-shotted, Majordomo yesterday, in 10-man. It was a joke, really, seeing we've been wiping on 25-man for hours and hours and hours...  I was however proud of the fact I managed to put out that much healing/second! At the highest points of aoedamage on 25-man, see this try on worldoflogs, where we wiped after 2 minutes I had "43686.1" healing per second done! Then, of course, I didn't remain that high of an output through out the fight, but I still managed to put out a quite good avarage; First part, Second part.
I still have to add that Aleksi is still better at healing then me. I quite miss him.


It acctually tasted quite alright... I getting decent at cooking?

Though I need to add that my stomach is bursting.
I ate toooooooo much.
Which has to be a good grade on the food, right?


He wanted me to buy a car. I choose parpul. No parpul in store.
What was in store?
A fucking orange one..


My mom, she's shining.. like an angel?

Finally some sleep!

I slept 8 hours tonight, and feel really rested. I manage to clean a bit in the kitchen, but the day ended a lot faster then I could work, haha. Now it's soon time for raid, and I want to blog before going there, hihi.

We had time to build a blanket-house though.

And never, ever ask a 4-year-old what you should eat to dinner...

Meatballs.... and sallad.

But now I have to go to wow.
Because Candid is screaming for me.


Really. The thought was going to the zoo in Eskilstuna, so we drove there for 1½ hour. Just to realise that it was pouring down rain. The niagra falls was envious, that's how much it was. So we played in the mall there instead..........

Amela thought it was as funny as me... haha!

Valle and Emina got to do theese crazy jumps!


Yeah, raining on our way back.

So we went to this playland instead, which was Stockholms largest!



Valle of course loved to shoot with them..

Valle sleeping in a ball-sea.

And then found A BIG BALL.

It was a really big place, where you could even go bikeriding among some colourful shops.

Loads of mazes.

And slides..

This was the area for small children, haha.

Lastly, a pictures from when sitting in the car on the way home...


Prideparade done!

It was a really wonderful parade. I mean, I felt that tempo and I couldn't stand still or stop smiling!
But first thing first, we took an hour to get that perfect spot to stand on..

Green and red!

Valle was rather bored..
And blue.

Pernilla got her icecream she wanted so much while we waited for the parade to reach our spot.

I forgot to take pictures, caus it was so nice to just watch.
And here, when it started raining, there was many umbrellas in the way.
You can however, DREADRA, see the latex on the guys to the left..

Even more naked males for you Dreadra, hihi.

Afterwards, we ate at McDonalds. Karin went panda..

As did I..

Valle played with the toy he got from there.

Karin och Pernilla

Then we went to the city park for a short while...


And Valle played too!

Well, yes. Now I'm going to go to sleep.

Tomorrow I am going to zoo with my dad, his girlfriend, and many more.

So I need to go up early.

Sleep tight everyone!


We're, me, Valle, Karin and Pernilla, going to watch the parade today. This means in fact I'm in a bit of a hurry, so I just wanted to post something quick here while I'm drinking my coffe. I'll probably post something when I get home instead... unless I fall asleep, hihi.

So, nerdfactor number one.


I had loads of eagles!!
Yes I totally cheated, I'm not like Candid who can do
everything perfectly from the beginning...
..but you can maybe see I got the achivment anyway!

Candid tried to ninja my castle..
..but eventually, I got the throne!

I like printscreens, ok?
Haha, have a nice day everyone, and I'll see you later!!

And Dreadra, make sure you eat those ribs.

Fun fun fun,

With Karin and Pernilla today! We ate ribs and had real fun having a girl-date!

Karin being who she is..

Who she really really is..

While Pernilla and me had a cozy time in the outdoor sofa, hihi.

Otherwise, we saw Bridesmaids, which was better then I feared.... and listened to Anna Mulle.  Just being plain silly us, in other words, haha.

For you Candid,

Because you love Hallomi!


So, it's not going entirerly fine.. This is how the assigment is put:

Gandhi växte upp i en Hinduisk familj med en djupt troende mor. Familjen bodde i en ort där många tillhörde Jainismen. Diskutera och analysera hur man kan se att dessa två religioner påverkat Gandhis tankar kring politik.
Följande delfrågor ska också besvaras i din analys:
 Vad innebär Swaraj?
 Vad innebär icke-våld?
 Hur förhåller sig Gandhi till andra människor av olika social status (kast och klass) samt kvinnor?
 Hur relaterar Gandhi sitt enkla liv till sin politik?

But I can't seem to find the connection to Hindu and Jaini...

I got it to work!!

Waiting for sushi..

While Valle already got his food...
Seriously, how can
raw fish take longer?
raw fish.


So I managed to get a fever, pain in my stomach, feeling completly nautious, dizzy and ill. But I never threw up. I suppose I should feel happy? Well, considering how I felt, I didn't really get anything to write about... And now I am completly stressed out, because I have an essay to write due Friday. So I will just make a quick note here. So it's not completly forgotten!

I was also supposed to post a picture here... But my mobile is now completly broke. So I can't get it to work. So I will try later, haha. See you in the weekend, when the essay is over!

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