Waiting for Sandra,

who's going to pick me up so we can go get Valle from daycare! Then we're going to watch movies and drink afternoontea! Yes, it means more scones! And maybe some cucumbersandwiches, of some sort?

In the meanwhile, I'll just post some egopictures instead of acctually clean the apartment, as I should..

I like this shirt... especially since I lost enough weight to wear it again!

My mom took pictures of me and her car!
I wanted to lay on the hood as a sexy poser, but she screamed at me...
Don't understand why, haha!

And I'm happy because I have a headset!
I can now teach Candid to understand swedish!

..Which will take about... 10 years?

Nah, I won't be mean to him.
He's acctually really good at it.

Postat av: Mamma

Snygg bil i bakgrunden!!! Jättesnygg faktiskt!!!

2011-08-24 @ 19:55:00

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