I have the best of friends!

Really, I am so happy to have all of you!! Linus, your call really made me happy.
And Karin, Pernilla and Sandra, you're always lifesavers!

Me and Karin went out for a walk with Laban, so he could take a swim!

Karin tried to make Laban swim out and fetch a stick.

And of course he took it!

After we ate icecream on the beach, we went to fetch Valle at daycare. And then we went home to start on our baking-blogg. We started on our first recipe from the book today! But the site is not up entierly yet, so you get why there's nothing in there..

Valle was very helpful!

We also made dinner, omnom.

Valle seemed to like it.

Karin tries to hog all the muffins for herself.

But now I'll continue raiding..
..have to get up early tomorrow, for daycare and to meet my mom.
I miss you here in the raid tonight though, Candid, but I hope you're having fun!


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