I feel nautious

Going to spend the day in my apartment I think, waiting and seeing if I'll throw up, hah...

I'm inlove with this song... Haha!

Home again!

It was really wonderful being at Sandra's countryhouse! Sadly, the last thing I saw of her was her throwing up from being sick - just like her sister was day before - so I'm waiting to start getting it too now.
But before I will go to bed and sleep, I'm gonna post the pictures from what I was doing!

Well, first day, we went to watch Linda and Sandra in their competition.

Here they are fixing Knutten, the horse, to the competition.

All done with the wagon too!

Here they are riding precision, not to knock any balls of while riding through.. gates.. , and damn they look classy in those clothes! Look at Sandras hat!

Valle found it incredible boring, and fell asleep on me.

On Saturday, we went to play with Knutten, even though it was raining a bit.

Where's the horsies?

There's the horsie!

Knut in his stable.

Valle brushes Knut.

And he got to ride!

Back home and watch movie..

And take silly pictures, haha.

On Sunday, we went to a lovely teaparty. This was really the most wonderful.. ever.

Valle didn't get tea however, he got lemonade.

The table setting looked
this incredible!

Sandra is pointing to the cookie she wants..

And then eats it, hihi.

Afterwards, we went so Valle could go swim.

We went to a marketplace on Monday.

Yes, the market was inside a .. barn.

And really popular among the villagers, haha.

The barn was placed in absolute.. nowhere.

Then me and Valle waited in the car while Sandra and her mother was checking something..

Yeah, we had.. fun..

This is the teapot I bought!

And cream-pot(?!).
Valle is charming..?

Valle leker
Back at Sandras house, Valle played outside for several hours.

We built rockets!
Mine is on the truck, and Valle is holding his.

Raket lauch
Rocket launch!

We went swimming even that day, but this time Valle decided to roll in sand.

We got to ride the wagon on Thuseday!

Not the most comfterable wagon...

But it was really relaxing to just sit and watch all this country..


Valle got to ride this day too!

He got to swim too!
Sandra thought we'd go to the big beach though, caus it would be more people..

Valle was the only one disturbing the watersurface..

And Wednesday, which was today, we went home. The train was both cancelled and late, and Valle and me was sitting and waiting in hot sun.


And finally on our way home.

As I said, it was a wonderful holiday!
But now it is nice to be home.
Dreadra greated me, like the entire guild, and I'm happy to be back with all of you!
Incredible how much I missed you all!
Now I'm just waiting for Candid to come back, and it'll all be as before, hihi.

Leaving with Sandra soon,

So I've spend most of the day packing... and my dad came by because he had a day off today. He decided that we were going to the beach!

Really sweet. You can see my dad and Valle's siluette from here..

And Valle, of course, also dug in the sand.

And build some strange things..?

And me, I was of course just sitting there on the beach.. ... Chilling.




Yeah, I feel really ugly, haha..

I will miss you so much while I'm away.
Computeraddict as I am, this might be good.. I don't know..
But I hope you will manage just fine without me Dreadra, seeing you have a new fun guild to attend too!
And I still hope you have fun on your vacation Candid.
See you next week!

Yesterday and Today,

Since Candid left early this morning, I didn't blogg yesterday. Wanted to talk to him the few hours that were left before he'd leave. I miss him really much already!

Now, yesterday, we went skateboarding a bit, as I said, but Valle didn't seem to get how you'd supposed to ride that skateboard...
On tummy..

Or just sitting down..

Today, my friend, Karin, came by. Valle decided to compliment her, by pointing at shakira, while listening to 'Loca, loca', and say 'that's you!'. Isn't he such a charmer? He also compared my singing to a birds song. Hopefully, he meant a singing bird.. not a crow..
Valle tried courting Karin by giving her different Lego-constructions.

We decided to bake some cookies.

Omnomnom, choclate dreams?

Karin and I also came up with this brilliant idea! Acording to her, the most sold book in entire Sweden is this cookie-recipe-book, "Seven kinds of cookies", and we decided that we were going to bake every recipe in the entire book and post pictures in a blogg for everday doing so...


After baking, we met up with our other friend, Pernilla, and went to eat.

Notice that playground in the background...?

Yes, of course!

Karin always have to look so stylish..

No wonder Pernilla said '
yes' when Karin proposed...
Runt runt runt
Well, of course, we continued playing.
Think there's a video of this too, but...
It's secretly hidden by Karin.
Thank god.


Runt runt runt :D
They even rode together round and round..

Well, after this, my phone died. And no more pictures. But we had a wonderful evening. Where Pernilla both managed to break her engagment to Karin, and Karin managed to get her back with a lovely rose. Which Pernilla eventually gave to me. Yes, we will never ever stop playing... Unserious for life, tihi.
Sleep well!
You too Candid, in fucking Greek. ♥


I hope it's Wednesday today.. I'm starting to loose track of which day it is. Summer for sure?
The books I've order is finally sent. I had to send a complainment letter to remind them of sending them.. I'm disappointed really. But soon I'll be able to study again!

Otherwise, the plan today is to go out riding skateboard with Valle! (Valle that is, I'd never set a foot on that thing..) and maybe go for a walk or something like it. But we'll see. Tomorrow I'll meet Karin, and hopefully Pernilla too, and go for a swim. And Friday I'll go to Sandras summer-house. I'm looking forward to it so much!

The hair!!

I have to show you how the hair is now! Not like it's much difference... But yeah.
I have no comments on that pose..

Does my nose seriously look big?


Well, today I rememberd that I had to leave some books at the library, so of we went before it closed!

Valle infront of the library doors.

Läsa bok
We even had time to read some books!

Well, when we went passed a girl that was begging for money on our way to the library, Valle sighed his special "Ehehehehehuuuuu" (You got to hear it to understand..). Obviously I thought it was a coincidence.. but he did it again on the way back. Now who has taught him this?!

A lovely day deserves dancing in a park, right?

Well, Valle decided that we were going to eat chicken-sticks(his choice of words..), but since I didn't know any good place for this. I managed to bribe him to go to my dads girlfriends café!

So this is their café outdoors, it sure looks nice?

And the inside is even better!

Valle gömmer sig
Yeah, Valle managed to get away from the picture, hahaha.

And this is the food, nomnomnom!

Valle also managed to get two cones of icecream, and a cinnamonbun. He's jumping up and down from all the sugar, but at least he's happy, haha. Before we left, he also got to "ride" the hamock..
He said he really enjoyed it...

Well, if you feel like going here, the café is called "Frida och Jag", located here. They make everything from scratch, including bread and sauce, which makes it taste wonderful!

Now I'm going to raid, all alone...
Since Candid is in cinema,
and Dreadra is at his brothers musical.
Poor me!


I didn't feel all that good yesterday, which made me leave the blog for today instead.
Well, I went to the park to see my mom.

Valle was really proud to show off the cookies he had made!

Busig Bus
He was really excited to be in the park!
(he sure is strong, right?)

My mom then read "
Mamma mu" to Valle.
Here Valle is also pretending to be a bridge..

Afterwards, me and Valle went up to "City" to meet Robin!

They were happy seeing eachother again.

Robin promised to help me dye my hair, which he did. So now I have black ears and neck, since I didn't bother to get the last colour of my skin... Haha!

Färga håret
Yeah, you don't look that good when your hair is beeing dyed..

Later on, my boyfriend decide to shoot both Robin and Valle. Which started a bit of a war..

pang pang
Robin wanted to look cool... I guess..

pew pew
Valle took it serious however, and ran away to sneak behind corners.

Pew pew
Reloading was hard for a 4-yearold, hihi.

Well, yesterday night, the raid was called. So I finally managed to finish looking Suckerpunch. That movie is really... different. I understood it throughout the entire movie, until the last scenes.

The music is however brilliant.

And we(Me, Candid and Dreadra) managed to finally do Blackwing Lair, which I ever never done before! At first we had Gimkara to help us through it, but then I got mindcontrolled for about..15 minutes.. And he managed to give up and go pvp instead. Cheat! But in the end.. we managed to kill Nefarian. I got his head! ♥
Last off, thank you for being there for me Candid and Dreadra!


I won't give up, I will learn. At least weekdays, haha!

I'm right now trying to catch up with Dreadra and Candid on my Goblin, since they are in their undead place having fun and I am all alone on the lost island(Which acctually suits me quite nicely, come to think of it..) Well, they seemed to miss me, so I thought I'd try and get to them.

Otherwise I'm going to see my mom in a couple of hours in the park, and then I think Robin will be getting here? He stopped answering texts, so I don't know anything for sure, hah. Otherwise I'll just finish cleaning..

So Candid left,

to drink Beer and have fun instead... Ass!
No, seroiusly, hope you will have fun!
I'm going to watch a bit of Narnia and then see if Dreadra wants to do something fun instead, hihi.

So I cleaned the kitchen,

by removing the old kitchen table(tried to disembel it) and put up new curtains that matches the new table and chairs!

So this is how the kitchen looked like before, curtain, table and chair- wise.
(Yes, this is a really old picture, from last year)
Nya möbler
This is how the new kitchen table, chair and curtains look like. Alot lighter, right?

The old kitchenchairs was put infront of the computer. It was broken however, so..
I fixed it with ducktape, haha!

When I was done cleaning the kitchen, Valle remind me of the promised I made - to bake cookies.

Valle helped out really good.

He's showing how you're supposed to hit on the dough.

liten kaka
Can you see what kind of cookies we are making?

liten kaka
Valle is counting the cookies, but he really didn't want to be on the picture.
However, he choose the kind of cookies we would make! Checkerd cookies, hihi.

Valle was acctually jumping up and down when we took them out of the oven.

And now we're watching
Pitch Black and eating cookies.

But now, I'm going to play with Candid instead.
Which is far more fun then watching Vin Diesel, hihi.


Yes, I'm going to seriously try and learn finnish. It can't be that hard, now can it? I already learn that is me, and is you. In a nonformal version... But after and , I realised. Finnish people doesn't make any sense at all, do they? ♥
Well, other plans for today is to clean a bit in the apartment, it looks like hell broke loose here.. And I really do want to see Pitch Black. I like that movie.. I should go out for a walk or something too, now that I finally have slept for many many hours!
And, of Course, me and Candid is going to play the Little Red Riding Hood so he can run away, little girl, run away.... I will be the big bad wolf that's going to eat him, hihi.

Harry potter,

The last movie was really amazing! I really forgot time and space when I watched it, totally mesmerized!

I went to see it with Sandra, her sister,  her sisters two friends, Malin and Markko.
Btw, congratulations to Malin for the lovely little child in your tummy!

And when I got home I finally got to play with both Dreadra and Candid. Except for being tired, it was really nice to be with them again! They are such sweet sweet wonderful boys!

I just have to say it..



Yes, today I went to Skansen with Valle, my boyfriend, his mom and brother! Valle, who was there with Robin and Robins mom earlier, of course wanted to go to all the same places, but I think we managed to see things he haven't already seen. We started, however, at the little amusement square.

Valle refused to go by himself of course..

He also rode the airplane.

Obviously it was a war-plane.


He also managed to get some candy..

And he went fishing!

Afterwards, we went on to watch some animals and flowers, which Valle found boring..

Cute piggieeeeees! They played with that plastic container.

I want a beautiful garden like this!

Gula ankdammen
Valle wonders over the yellow duck-pond.

I could do with a house like that too!

Valle also got to watch Pluto and Mickey Mouse from a projector, haha.

After a while we came to the cars that I drove even when I was little. It was a had-to to ride those!

Too bad I took the worst fail-picture ever...
Valle was in the yellow car.

And of course he rode the motorcycle in the merry-go-round.

We then continued watching different animals and houses.

Valle hid in a small "bear"-cave too.

Utsikt över Stockholm
The view over Stockholm was wonderful.


Best animal of them all!

I want to move north just to see reindeers every day!


Weird weird houses
Really weird houses?

I just had to put some pictures of me too..


Yeah, I don't know..

The day was nice however, but now I'm late for raid!


I never got the energy to write here. I had a terrible migraine, felt like throwing up, and then suddenly I was put into a raid. Well, obviously that was a disaster... but to the point. I got a text Monday night that Sandra wanted me to come with her for 33 (swedish) miles. Now, all you ever do at that point is to ask "When and Where do we meet?"! (And obviously call around for half an hour to get a Valle-sitter... thank you Daddy!)
So it was first yesterday I realised what she wanted me to do...

I diket

This silly little car had broken down halfway through Sweden, and she wanted us two to pick it up!


So we drove around Stockholm for about 1 hour until we finally got a trailer and then set off.


Finally there, we realised we had to back the car to get the trailer infront of it. Obviously I can't stear it, so Sandra tried pulling it from the cardoor while stearing it. And I was half vertical, with my short skirt showing off my entire ass to the motorway, while pushing the car.
Why does Sandra look so damn happy, by the way?!

Upp nu då..

Said and done, we could finally move the trailer infront of the car!


Yeah, so I was schocked... Obviously we were going to pull that BIG BIG car onto the trailer with that TINY TINY wire. And obviously, again, Sandra sat in the car to stear it on. And I got to do the wire..


Obviously we got it to work, haha!


Yeah, I obviously gave up when I realised we were supposed to string the car stuck some..how. And, as you can see, Sandra had to call her dad to grasp how the hell they were supposed to get the car stuck.
But, of course, she eventually got it tied to the trailer, and we rode off again!


I think you can notice I got tired, haha!

And finally, damn you Sandra, I got this silly song in my head. I just can't get it out..


So I was in the park with my mom today and had coffee, which was nice, and then I went home to cook that chicken, which wasn't nice. I did manage to make the chicken juicy instead of dry!

Cashewnuts and paprika too!

And then I got the brilliant idea to mix it with the rice... Yeah, I don't know..
Risotto a la Linnie?
Risotto á la Linnie?

Yes, well, at least I haven't died yet..



I had to screenshoot it. Candid decided to bbq a dog as sacrifce to the lootgods... I can't stop laughing, haha!

Horrible day,

My throath hurts, I can't breathe, my stomach feels like daggerstabs over and over and over and... again, I'm bleeding like the niagrafalls and I feel like crying. I'm going to play wow, in my sofa, underneath the blanket and simply do nothing productive today, while Valle is away to a bbq with Robin.

My food today, omnomnom!

I miss my boyfriend,

I hate that he has to work this much...

First off, I have to eat disgusting food almost everyday. He's really rather good at cooking, and I'm like a natural disaster. Maybe I should start forcing him to cook food that I can heath in a microwave. Because right now I rather starve then eat another thing that I've tried cooking.

Second, all I have to listen to is a 4-year-old speaking like a Gremlin constantly. I love my son, of course, and I love to listen to him talking. But the intellectual conversations is just not there, especially since his favourite subjects are pokémon and trucks. Preferable combined.

Third, I really want to hug him. I don't know why, seeing I'm not the most cuddly person, but I feel like having someone taking care of me right now. And he really does that good. :)

But, as Terra pointed out, I really should be proud of my boyfriend working this much. He has a job that he works hard for, and does it good, and he has promised to do fun stuff with me when he's finally off work, but I guess I'm just dreaming away.
Dreaming of talking long nightwalks along the beach, bbq-picnics, going for a swim, watching movies together, going out for dinner..... You know. All that romantic shit. I just hope we could do it sometime. At all.

Chilling on the balcony,

We acctually went out to read the bedtimestory on the balcony. Two infact. It was really cosy and nice!
I even lit some candles..

Now I'm waiting for Valle to fall asleep, and Candid to come back. He decided to run away and hide from me, but he'll be back... He can't be away for me for too long, hihi.
Have a nice evening everyone!


So, I didn't really do anything today. I didn't feel to good, woke up in the worlds worst mood and wanted to run some people over with a truck, but Candid eventually got it to pass with his silly humour. Thank you!

I really hope Robin will get here tomorrow, so Valle will get out doing something fun. Though Valle did run around spraying me with water from his water-gun today and played with his pirateship, so I doubt he's bored...

Now I just wish I could go out to my sweet pillowpile on the balcony, but I would feel so lonley just sitting there by myself, haha. Anyone who wants to join me?

I hate cooking..

Just to make Candid even more right, maybe I am a disaster after all?

I'm a disaster
It was just a little flood...

Nice Balcony,

Well, I decided that we'd go to the store and get new things to pimp the balcony!

This is how it looked like before..

Valle got to go by bike to the store, since it's a long way there.

Äter korv
He even got to eat a hotdog to gain energy.

Well, both me and Valle found the balcony a lot more comfortable now that we got it fixed.

We filled up the pillowplace with the rest of the pillows later, but theese were the new ones that I bought.
He looks satisfied and comfy, right?

Now I'm going to watch Simpsons and Family guy with Valle, and hope that we'll raid Blackwing Decent tonight. Otherwise I guess I'll just wait and hope Candid comes home early, but he deserves having fun more.. So I suppose I should hope he won't come home until tomorrow, haha!

So, what to do today?

I have acctually no idea at all what to do today. I was suppoused to meet my mom today, but she thought it was too warm to get her ass here. So I guess it's just me and Valle. Now he's rather tired today, seeing he started crying from putting on a sock, so I suppose nothing too extreme? I don't feel like going to the beach however, so either I force Valle to go buy flowers to our balcony, and we plant them. Or we just go around the park with bike... Or we go by bike to the store? HMMM..

I guess you'll see tonight what the plan was?


Well, I were to dinner at my boyfriends parents house, which was really rather nice! Valle ate 4 cinnamonbuns, 2 bowls of ice cream and swelled up like a balloon, haha! But he deserved it, seeing it was his last day to daycare today. :D Now, 5 weeks vacation with me as company....

Anyway, we then spent the evening having a movie night with cupcake and popcorn, so I think I manage to swell like a balloon too. What movie we saw? Rango of course! Now I'm going to do my dailys on World of Warcraft.


Well, I went to Sandra and gave her the present (teacups and plates with cupcakes on), and we watched Harry Potter and the deathly Hallows, part 1. This since I'm tagging along when Sandra, her sister and her sisters friend will see part 2 in the movie theater next week. Fun fun!

Being inspired by her cups, me and Valle decided to go home and make cupcakes!

valle vispar
Valle go to stur / wip (yes my vocabulary isnt that great..).

Valle smakar..
Valle had to taste too, of course..

Homemade frosting spritser
Homemade spritser. Ducktape is fucking awsome!

Raspberryfrosting, with hearts and silverballs..
Hell yeah!

U jelly?



But now, feeling a bit naucious after eating a cupcake, I will play with Candid and do our dailys! Fun fun!

By the way,

This song is imba!


I have a terrible headache, which I hope will be resolved when I finally get the energy to go get the painkillers. Didn't even bother put on make up because of this, which was really an excuse since I don't like putting on make up anyway, hah. Going to leave Valle at daycare soon though and afterwards go straight home to Sandra! And hope I won't forget to bring her present again!! But I guess I'll see you all tonight anyway. Except Dreadra, who's leaving for the airplane in 1 hour. Lucky lucky bastard! 

Yeah, I figured I have to try and watch and read up on this bossencounter, seeing I missed the entire progress in raid yesterday.

Movie was great,

of course we will never act like that teacher, so we felt awsome, hihi! Though I have this jingle stuck in my head, which I cannot find on internet... I guess I'll get it out later tonight, I just wish I could forget it NAUW.

The dinner I cooked for my dad and Valle was a total disaster by the way. I was supposed to fry some champions and onion, to put with the pasta and the sauce, but the lid from the pepperdispenser flew off and half of the frying pan was filled with peppar.... Yeah, who said pasta was simple? So they got to eat pasta with mushroomsauce and bacon. Only. I wonder why my dad said he rarely eat dinner, it was too early for him to eat, and only took a little... HMM.

Yeah, maybe that was why...

Valle is however cute as a prince-ss. He was so happy to spend the evening with his granddad he picked flowers to him as a surprise..

plocka blommor
He really loves those flowers..

Sniffa blommor?
REALLY loves them!

Anyway, Good night everyone! And thank you for a wonderful day!

Movie today!

So this is the movie I'm going to watch, it looks quite nice?

At least it will be fun going out with Karin and Pernilla. I really missed them.

Now I'm thinking of doing pasta, since Fala said that would be easy... Now when it comes to me, cooking is not really easy, haha. But I guess I'll just post the result here later. Besides, my dad will probably eat and realise he shouldn't try and force me to cook if it taste badly... It's a plan? Hell yeah!

I've also decided to wear my lovely dress, which isn't really new anymore since I've worned it a thousand times, and put on some make up to honour the day, hihi.


Yeah, you try and take pictures of yourself and see how great it goes...
At least you can see the wonderful colours!


Anyway, I will miss Dreadra who is going for a vacation for a week tomorrow, and I'll probably not see him more today. But I'm wishing him a wonderful, epic vacation!


Well, I went to our little suburbcity and had coffee with my mom, and notice a sale! So I manage to buy 4 glasses to Valle, and a tray.

Bricka och glas
Valle got the usual cookies from my mom too, which he ate on the new tray together with milk from a new glas!
(and the picture manage to get really blurry for some reason..)

I also managed to clean almost the entire apartment, which feels rather nice. I don't need a reason to feel ashamed when my dad is babysitting tomorrow. Now I just have to come up with a nice dinner and some fruit, and he'll be real impressed by me, haha!


Today I'm really needing to clean the apartment, seeing it looks like a nuclearwaste-dumpspot and my dad might be babysitting here tomorrow. The thought is also to meet my mom today, so I can make sure to go to the store at the same time. However, I really feel stressed because I'd rather just use my wand and make it all magically fixed. I have no desire of spending several hours cleaning today (yes it takes several hours, since everything I do have to be thouroughly..), but I guess I just have to snap out of it and do it!

Well, I guess I'll tell you tonight if I got stuck on my warlock on World of Warcraft, or if I did all that was necessary to do... Haha!

And home again,

Valle, and me, had a terrific time! There were really alot to do there, even though Valle was a bit scared in the beginning. At first he just sat in the truck he choose, and claimed it sounded too much for him..

The truck really looked awsome though, right?

Instead he spent about 20 minutes in the aircastle..
Running and banging himself into the walls.

Köra loket
Then he got the courage to drive the engine on the train all by himself!
(I know, the picture was lousy..)

Later he was also really cool in the backseat of the pigwagon.


They also had an adventureroute.
Where Valle had to climb up and down.

It really reminded me about a military-trainingroute..

But he would be such a good soldier!

He had too crawl through really long tunnels.

This was Valles favourite part!

The entire route ended with this fun ride on a rope......
(Yes, I don't know the english word for it.)

Valle kör traktor.
When we have managed to eat, and run the adventureroute again..
Valle gained the courage to try ride a tractor!

He managed to hit the walls a couple of times, and acctually run into another tractor..
But then he got the hang of it!

So he even dared trying the racecar..
Which was basically going round and round and round and round..

And really, what isn't more perfect to drive with your policeshirt..
if not the policecar?!

The track was really rather large!

Then Valle got to ride a motorcycle.

He even rode the same bike twice.

And he got to dig in sand!

He also rode a yellow car, which I didn't take pictures of, and since he grew more and more confident he refused to leave it when his time was up. When the personel starting telling him to drive in, he drove in a circle, and then took off one route extra. Though one guy followed his car when he was on the way back, so he was forced to park it. Then they were just forced to explain that he had to exit the veichle too...

I really recommend you to go to this park!


I'm going there now, in 20 minutes. I hope Valle will have fun Fun FUN! Though it looks likes it's going to rain any second now, so better pack waterproof clothes...

Otherwise, I was supposed to watch "There will be blood" on tv yesterday, but I rather wanted to play with Candid - so the movie was skipped. However, "Dirty Dancing" on Friday night was unskippable! I still have the song in my head...

Baaaaby, oh sweeet baaaaby...

It was acceptable in the 80's..

Ok, I finally decided to write again. I feel like a total nerd, seeing I've been held hostage by World of Warcraft, and been busy raiding almost every night. This not all bad though, since I think I finally feel like I know myself. I rarely get confused anymore, and the sun shines in my head almost 24/7. This I owe my thanks to the two best people in the world, which I met through World of Warcraft. They helped me see who I really am and made me feel special.. in a Good way!

Now, of course, this is not all I've been doing!

An amusementpark on Swedens nationalday.

There were really many rides on our field!

Why are they both closing their eyes?


Not wee..
I've acctually haven't seen Valle that chocked and scared in a long time..


They even had horseriding there!

Now, we have also been to the Aquaria.

It's the only decent picture I got..

For example, we saw Cownose rays, and hammerhead sharks.

We have also been to Kolmården!

Valle kör bil
There, Valle got to drive a car.

He got to see many animals, for example Tigers.

And watch dolphins!

They rode a rollercoaster too, and I, who was watching, was the one being most scared..

We also went on an aerial lift for 28 minutes, looking down on different animals.

Some we got to see close up to, like the lions..

.. and the bears!

Really exciting summer so far! Otherwise we have also been to the beach..

..splish, splash:ing..

Valle sand
...digging in the sand..

Valle picnic
..and eating picnic!

And yesterday we were in the park having picnic!

Valle gungar
Valle terrorised the swings..

And I took stupid pictures...

Now, the summer has been good so far! I hope it will continue being awsome, so I have enough strength to start doing something useful in autumn. :)

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