I never got the energy to write here. I had a terrible migraine, felt like throwing up, and then suddenly I was put into a raid. Well, obviously that was a disaster... but to the point. I got a text Monday night that Sandra wanted me to come with her for 33 (swedish) miles. Now, all you ever do at that point is to ask "When and Where do we meet?"! (And obviously call around for half an hour to get a Valle-sitter... thank you Daddy!)
So it was first yesterday I realised what she wanted me to do...

I diket

This silly little car had broken down halfway through Sweden, and she wanted us two to pick it up!


So we drove around Stockholm for about 1 hour until we finally got a trailer and then set off.


Finally there, we realised we had to back the car to get the trailer infront of it. Obviously I can't stear it, so Sandra tried pulling it from the cardoor while stearing it. And I was half vertical, with my short skirt showing off my entire ass to the motorway, while pushing the car.
Why does Sandra look so damn happy, by the way?!

Upp nu då..

Said and done, we could finally move the trailer infront of the car!


Yeah, so I was schocked... Obviously we were going to pull that BIG BIG car onto the trailer with that TINY TINY wire. And obviously, again, Sandra sat in the car to stear it on. And I got to do the wire..


Obviously we got it to work, haha!


Yeah, I obviously gave up when I realised we were supposed to string the car stuck And, as you can see, Sandra had to call her dad to grasp how the hell they were supposed to get the car stuck.
But, of course, she eventually got it tied to the trailer, and we rode off again!


I think you can notice I got tired, haha!

And finally, damn you Sandra, I got this silly song in my head. I just can't get it out..


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