Not a good start.

I just woke up, and I'm already late for daycare. Wah. Going to try and go swimming aswell...

See you in a few hours.
I'll be dropdead tired, hah.
300 kcal so far!

Oh well,

The raid went fine, I suppose. Tomorrow is a busy busy day. Let us hope I get some things done.....
And I have nothing really to just say, jus wanted to say good night. :)

So good night you all!
I ate about 850 kcal today.

I'm so stuffed..

And this was like 450 Kcal..

Yay, first photos from new phone!

Haven't realised how to acctually post them from phone though. Think it's because of this site, it does not compute with Androids.

So me and Valle went to the park first.

Cold but cosy!

And yet very much fun.

Then Valle rode on his horse..

.. to the library, were we read books.

Now I need to cook though.
Only eaten 400 Kcal so far, so a bit hungry.
But then I'll try and study a bit, before I go raid.
Shangalar needs to stop asking me to come, I can't say no to him, haha.
See you later ♥

I don't understand my phone,

At all. And I mean. At all.
Going to try and study a bit in a little while though...

300 kcal so far today!


I managed to at least pack down all the christmas decorations! Now I just need to carry them to the basement. And Vacuum, alot. But I have this immediate urge to redecorate in the living room now. It's a bit messy in the details, so I'd like to fix it to perfection. But I have no idea on how to though, so it'll take some energy to think about. I am also concidering to buy a guinea pig...... What do you think?

Anyway, busy early day tomorrow!
See you then! ♥


I feel like lying in sofa doing absolutely nothing, wearing the blanket Sandra gave me as birthdaygift. ♥ I'll take a picture of it later an post it, but now the new phone needs to be charged before I use it. My dad bought me a Samsung phone, so I feel lucky! ♥

Otherwise I'm just listening to this amazing song, trying to gather energy to either go and start cleaning until Valle gets here.... Or start with my essay. Feeling a bit stressed since I never start, but yeah. That part of the newyears-resolution was the hardest to keep!

I'll post something later tonight, before I drop dead in bed!


I ate so much cake, I don't know if it's acceptable.. We however had to try one of the recipies from the bakingbook Pernilla gave me as christmasgift! And since Pernila didn't want that awsomely nutty spongecake, we went with berries, berrycream and meringues.

Looks awsome, right? ♥

And we got so many yolks that we decided to make some cookies aswell.

But we had neither vanilla sugar or cacao, so we used a little of both and oboy-powder... And used some tool to form the cookies to look 'good'.
The rest of the yolks, and some eggwhites since Karin failed in seperating them, were fried to my breakfast tomorrow, hihi!

Otherwise, Karin and Pernilla got this amazing idea to enter a datingsite. It was kinda funny to look around, but it's really expencive to acctually use one. For free, you can neither chat or send messages.. Just look around. Bullshit?

Oh well, tomorrow I will try and get that new mobilephone!
And I will go to Sandras apartment and check around. ;)


I did a good job by swimming even though Karin bailed out on me! I had to eat something afterwards though, so now I'm up to 500 kcal. Wah. But I should seriously clean a little and start cleaning. I just.. can't... bother....

Double fail,

Mobile did not charge..  and I did not get up and clean. :D Oh well, I hope they'll oversee my milionth time having a complete disaster apartment! Just need to get to Karin in time, which means I need to start getting ready very soon. Going to meet her in an hour, and I just started eating breakfast, wah.

Anyway, around 250 Kcal so far.
Not feeling too hype.
See ya

Ok, I need to buy a new phone..

I can't get my phone to charge, no matter what I try. And I switched to another one now... but the camera on that one doesn't work, and the buttons has been ripped off from it. So now I have put weights, hairbands and fixated the other mobile to make it charge... So I can take some pictures til tomorrow. Gah.

I hope it'll stay charing for a few hours at least..

And can someone be nice and help me where to buy a new one?!

This is what was made of the minced elkmeat.

Anyway, need to go to bed now.
Up early and
supposedly clean a bit before Karin and Pernilla comes and see the entire mess.
And I need to call the insurance company...
and then go swimming with Karin.
So I can eat the cookies we're going to make!

I've missed them insanely much, so going to be great to just hang out.
Kinda need it, to be honest.

Oh btw, todays song..

Good night

I come to the realisation,

I need a hobby or something to meet new people. I mean, I adore playing games and drawing, but it's not really the way to make new friends to hang out with. And I do not really believe I can small talk in the foodstore or crack up a joke on a bus without seeming like a complete idiot...

So does anyone have any idea on something I could do? :D


Not every woman is supposed to be in the kitchen.

Boardgame evening

We started off with an insane game of 'Hit the hat'. I'm saying it was insane since Valle went absolutley berserk. He both cried, screamed and laughed, seperatly and at the same time..

And I acctually laughed til I cried!

Then I did the most fail thing yet so far. I've been on about that stupid monopoly for days. And when he finally gives in and we're going to play it...

I'm going to go home to my mom and get hers...
Fuck, I really thought I had it.
Oh well we played Risk.

And even though he turned the dices when I was looking away.
So I'd get
some territories.
...I lost.
Guess which colour I am on the board.

Going to get ready for a walk soon.
So see you later ! ♥


Mr. True-epic-meal-time-lover has found a new love!

Which of course both me and Valle watched with him.

To prove his awsomeness, Valle decided to copy and do the exact same thing.
Chug his pucko.
Like santa.

We also went to the store..

When you go with Grovs to the store you always walk home with epic food you'd never thought you'd found yourself buying. Garlic in herbmarinade, fresh broccoli, chiquita smoothies, fresh forestmushrooms, chips from root crops, olive / sesame crackers and..

Minced elkmeat..

But damn he can cook food.

There are no words that can explain how awsome it tasted.

Peas, fresh broccoli, coctailtomatoes and garlics in herbmarinade fried together with pesto, and fried salmon.

Not sure how many calories I am on now though.
900-1000 kcal perhaps?
I'll try and write later, but now we're going to play boardgames, rawr!

So yeah,

I never really posted again yesterday. I blame mr armyman for it. We ate a hell of alot of icecream, and seeing my dinner was about 400 kcal, that made me go plus yesterday. Aw man. But it was to kind of celebrate my birthday. So it feels okay.


I tried taking a picture of all the fun they had, but they kept moving around.
Ruining all the pictures.

Oh well, we watched some movies and such, Boondock Saints and Hannibal rising, read from the Got fight? book, and from the test in it I am a true man, and looked at hemnet for apartments. Overall it's the most fun I had in ages. But I hope I can force him to play monopoly with me tonight! He did promise!

Oh well, 300 kcal so far today, hihi.

Now the mobiel doesn't want to charge itself.

What the hell am I doing with them?!

Anyway, I went swimming my km, so now I can acctually eat a little icecream tonight. Yay!

I also took egophotos, rawr.

You know, I'm never going to be happy with my cheekbones.

And since dinner will be a little late today, I even decide to eat a bit of lunch.

100 Kcal.

That adds it up to 400 kcal so far today.
Wonder how much kcal you can subtract by swimming..?
Anyway, I'll try and post here later if I'm not too busy.


I've been trying to plug in the phone to transfer pictures for 30 minutes now, BUT OH HEEEEEEELL NO. I need to acctually invest money in a new mobile. I've tried putting a hairband around it, and placing it ontop of a small object to alter it's height. The problem now is however that the computer does not recognise it?!

Going to restart the computer...
Maybe that can help..

Ahhh shit memories,

It's storm outside?!

I adore when the wind is blowing and you can hear how the storm is raging outside, but yesterday the wind acctually blew in from the window joints. You could both feel the icecold breeze and see how the candlelights flickerd like mad. There's really no wonder why I keep having blankets around me!

I'm not reallly in a trance mood, but the 'AIAIAIA, I'M A LITTLE BUTTERFLY' is just... very me.

Well I was awoken around 7 this morning, so I'm acctually quite tired. Does not feel good to go swimming in like an hour! Karin and me is taking that 1 km again, yay.

At least I had my 300kcal breakfast! ♥
Containing cottage cheese; 150g, Vanilla youghurt; 150 g, Raspberries; 20g, Blueberries; 20g and sprinkles of flaxseed. Ominominominom?
And coffe, of course.

And yes MOMMY, read the newspaper today aswell. But I'm not acctually going to comment anything from it today, haha!

However this video. I know I'm really behind, but... Shit. Don't you just wish you could do this?
Just lure them.
And give them what they deserve.

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