Ok, I need to buy a new phone..

I can't get my phone to charge, no matter what I try. And I switched to another one now... but the camera on that one doesn't work, and the buttons has been ripped off from it. So now I have put weights, hairbands and fixated the other mobile to make it charge... So I can take some pictures til tomorrow. Gah.

I hope it'll stay charing for a few hours at least..

And can someone be nice and help me where to buy a new one?!

This is what was made of the minced elkmeat.

Anyway, need to go to bed now.
Up early and
supposedly clean a bit before Karin and Pernilla comes and see the entire mess.
And I need to call the insurance company...
and then go swimming with Karin.
So I can eat the cookies we're going to make!

I've missed them insanely much, so going to be great to just hang out.
Kinda need it, to be honest.

Oh btw, todays song..

Good night


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