So we did our swimming today,

1km, 41 min for me. Karin was faster. She's so damn good! I, however, feel completly tired from it all, and didn't manage to photo as much as I wanted.

Karin is cutting my paprika to our pizza...

And this is how they turned out..

They were a bit toooooo big for the plates, tihi.

But, we still have left to make another pizza tomorrow, which I will do. So Deadspace, my pizzachampion, I will do a better job with photos tomorrow for you! Oki?

Then we made this awsome dessert too!

Sweetpotato pie!

And yesterday.. I did cheesecake.
So if anyone wants to come and eat sweets......
I have plenty to offer.

Valle, the rascal.

Has redecorated my beautiful wall...


Karin is the best there is!

She and I went with Valle when Gröna Lund opened, managed to outlive rain in rollercoasters, and still left after Micke and Jenni. Think we spent.... 6 hours there?

Karin also went loads of rides together with Valle!
And when I rode with Valle, she rode alone instead..


Karin, later on, also taught Valle to lift his hands high into the air.
But for now, he kept them safely holding himself to the ladybug.

My two children!

I acctually thought it went pretty far up...
Daredevil Valle!

More cars!


Well we ate a bit, and then rode the last rides with Valle.
After that my dad picked him up, and we just waited for Jenni and Micke to come.

You can really see how the rain is closing in..

Black.. clouds... closing in..

But that doesn't stop the two most wacked children!

Karin managed to win a pirateset..
Too bad my mobile can't take good pictures during night.

But I think you get the picture...

Jenni is cheering for Micke, hihi.

Which obviously worked, since he got a new 'highscore'.

And I didn't get that many pictures from rides and such, since I was in them too. Obviously.
But we had one hell of a day! It was really really much fun!

I have to post my lentil soup that I ended the day with.

About that cake I made...

My dad came by to drop of some papers (Monday), which resulted in it half gone already...!

Karin and I was really amazing today!

We acctually started swimming, so far only first day..., and we managed to pull of 1km in 45 minutes! I felt so proud, I baked a cake to celebrate my loss of calories....... I do deserve it. Since I probably lost more calories then I ate this morning, haha. I also made really good food. I acctually am getting better at cooking!

Tomorrow, Gröna Lund!
Rollercoaster here I come!!

Stressy weekend!

Well, first I spent my Friday helping Sandra to move her things into her apartment she finally got!

Peter was also helping, acting monkey-ly..

Even more monkey-ly..


Sandras many boxes..

And more boxes..

And bags.. haha.

Saturday, I really messed up. And I'm terrible sorry for it! I managed to sleep a bit tooo much, and Robin woke me up from calling from where we were supposed to meet......
Luckily, my dad offerd to help me have Valle for a while, so I could assemble some more furniture at Sandra's apartment.

But first we stopped by at 'Frida och Jag', and ate this amazing new autumnmenu-food.

And still, Valle was not amused..

Today, me and Karin went to watch Sandra and her horse showing of his beautiful wagon at this "horseday"!

Beridna högvakten, and a royal wagon..


Me and Karin.


And Sandra, Linda and Knut. They sure looked great!

Afterwards, me and Karin went to eat and then go to the theater to watch Romeo and Juliet. It was great really.

For those who doesn't know, this statue is acctually warm. And I was freezing..

I just find the theaterbuilding so incrediblly beautiful!

Poor Karin though!

Yeah, I thought this was a really smart idea.. So we could have a picture of both of us.

Karin figured this was better...



Sweet revenge for posting all those pictures of me on facebook Karin..

And here we just sat waiting for the theater to start.


And this is the set!

People acctually got to sit on the stage.....

Karin played some weird game while waiting for the play to start.

Theater ceiling!

And now I'm finally home, dressed in the most shabbiest clothes I could find.
Since it was really pouring down rain.

Hope the flight home goes well Candid!

Pernilla and Karin is here!

And we are watching Phantom of the opera! But first we made scones!

And cookies!

Pernilla wanted to take pictures of me to my blogg, since I took pictures of her..

But they were really all very awful, the ones she took....
Bad photgrapher, hihi!

She played around with some photoshop program too..


It's raiiiiiiniiiiing,

So, from being quite pleased with how I looked...

Makeup makes everything better..

To complete wet cat.....

Well, yeah..


yes, today we had Nutellacrepes, omnomnom! Karin and I was talking about it this morning, and for some strange reason the signs came straight from above when we ran right into a marketplace that was selling it. So ofc, we have too!


She and I are quite alike, photo:ing and all, haha.
Omnomnom though!

It was a very rainy day though.

I managed to splash Karins pants really good when I jumped in the puddle!

Valle made a necklace on daycare today!
He was really proud, and wanted to show EVERYONE.
It's beautiful, right?

I need to post this amazing picture from yesterday.
Karins faceexpression really shows exactly how we felt when we tried to sort all those words..

Valle was a real rascal today....

He started the day by making his own version of tattoos...
Even his feet were coverd. Entire him?!

The new pants that Robin bought him Yesterday, are now coverd with yellow stripes after a day on daycare..

And here, he's trying to signal me something rude...
Though he did like the food, he just felt that he wanted to say it was icky for the heck of it..

So, today Robin was here.

We didn't do much really. Valle and Robin was out playing in the park for a while, and then we all went up to check some stores..

Valle was really happy to hang out with Robin.

I need to buy new pots to the kitchen window, but I'm not sure what would match those grey lanterns..

Watching a turtle's tale.

Well, tomorrow, I'm going to start doing something productive, since I have no class.
Hope I acctually.. will..
Going to sleep now though, so night night everyone!

Shopping is a temptation hard to resist,

So, my dad came here and picked us up to go check some stores, and hang out.


We found a carpet for the hallway, finally.
And also  managed to buy a purple flower and a lamp, that still needs decoration.

After shopping, we went to eat food at "
Frida och Jag", and it sure looks ominominom?

Even though Valle was not amused...

Then we went to this playground, and here Valle managed to climb to the top!

They had some really.. weird.. playthings in this park?

My dad got to play too, haha.

And then there was this incredible place!

Everything was really wooden and natural, me likessss!

Valle had to, of course, climb all the way to the treehouse in the middle.

And, even though it's really high up, he manages!

Soooo... I had to try too.
But I got too scared that the rope would break, so I really only got stuck in this stance..

And I will end today with this lovely picture.
Which was taken right before my ass started showling up dirt from the ground.
Since the rope couldn't care that much weight, and just sloped down into the ground.
All I could hear was Valle screaming 'JAG TROR INTE DEN ÄR TILL FÖR MAMMOR OCH PAPPOR' ..
..and my dad.. laughing.

Hope you had a nice day!
Now I will collapse from all the shopping.
Dead tired, haha.

Thor is kinda hot...

Yeah, I watched the movie just now, and he is acctually. Sadly the movie is really cheesy and bad though!
However, I forgot to blog yesterday. So I'm going to post some pictures from then nooooow.

So first, yesterday, I was meeting Sandra! We watched some incredibly romantic movie.

"The lost Valentine"...

Me sitting in Sandras sofa.... Haha.

Then, aftwards, I went to pick up Valle, and then went all the way to meet up Robin after work.

I got to choose place to eat!!
And, I acctually forgot to say it, thank you for the food Robin! ♥

Valle was very happy to meet Robin, obviously.

Robin was just as happy, and poured both toys and aeroplane rides on Valle, haha.



So, today we had a bit of a playtime in school...

First, we played a game where we were to hide matches, as birds, and try and remember where we hid them.
And make sure some other birds didn't find and take them...
Let's just say, Karin would've been a very fat bird, seeing she came out with some hell of a lot of matches.

I would've been a dead bird.

Then we got to play "food, shelter or water" for deers. And, well, Jeanette was the first deer.
Whenever a deer choose either food, shelter or water, another deer was made.
And whenever a deer was without "it's resource"  it died..
And that way we were running around as crazy idiots trying to get to that partner playing as the resource we wanted...

Then some got to play bats, and other moths.. that were to be caught by the bats..

Let's just say it was a very weird game.
And that Karin would be a very fat bat.

And, most important of all, it's really fun studying to be a teacher, hahaha!

Then I found a toad with Sara!

And a butterfly decided to land on me, all of a sudden?!

Anyway, we were to gather some insects too.
And sort them by colour.
I got to try and catch them!

I was, obviously, also the one forced to suck all the insects into a little jar.
I got the feeling I got them in my mouth constantly...
...and yes. The pictures of me is awful, haha.

And, we did alot more, but I was tooooo tired to photo more.
Besides, it feels a bit rude to post pictures of Jenni and Micke without asking....

Hope you all had a wonderful day!
I'm going to force Candid to say "sssshshhhhhhchhhchhhsjälv" now, hihi.

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