So we did our swimming today,

1km, 41 min for me. Karin was faster. She's so damn good! I, however, feel completly tired from it all, and didn't manage to photo as much as I wanted.

Karin is cutting my paprika to our pizza...

And this is how they turned out..

They were a bit toooooo big for the plates, tihi.

But, we still have left to make another pizza tomorrow, which I will do. So Deadspace, my pizzachampion, I will do a better job with photos tomorrow for you! Oki?

Then we made this awsome dessert too!

Sweetpotato pie!

And yesterday.. I did cheesecake.
So if anyone wants to come and eat sweets......
I have plenty to offer.

Postat av: Pizza Champion

Pizza Pizza!!!!! Maybe you can pratice the sushi stuffed pizza we were talking about =)

2011-09-24 @ 03:49:08

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