Stressy weekend!

Well, first I spent my Friday helping Sandra to move her things into her apartment she finally got!

Peter was also helping, acting monkey-ly..

Even more monkey-ly..


Sandras many boxes..

And more boxes..

And bags.. haha.

Saturday, I really messed up. And I'm terrible sorry for it! I managed to sleep a bit tooo much, and Robin woke me up from calling from where we were supposed to meet......
Luckily, my dad offerd to help me have Valle for a while, so I could assemble some more furniture at Sandra's apartment.

But first we stopped by at 'Frida och Jag', and ate this amazing new autumnmenu-food.

And still, Valle was not amused..

Today, me and Karin went to watch Sandra and her horse showing of his beautiful wagon at this "horseday"!

Beridna högvakten, and a royal wagon..


Me and Karin.


And Sandra, Linda and Knut. They sure looked great!

Afterwards, me and Karin went to eat and then go to the theater to watch Romeo and Juliet. It was great really.

For those who doesn't know, this statue is acctually warm. And I was freezing..

I just find the theaterbuilding so incrediblly beautiful!

Poor Karin though!

Yeah, I thought this was a really smart idea.. So we could have a picture of both of us.

Karin figured this was better...



Sweet revenge for posting all those pictures of me on facebook Karin..

And here we just sat waiting for the theater to start.


And this is the set!

People acctually got to sit on the stage.....

Karin played some weird game while waiting for the play to start.

Theater ceiling!

And now I'm finally home, dressed in the most shabbiest clothes I could find.
Since it was really pouring down rain.

Hope the flight home goes well Candid!

Postat av: Karin

varför har du ingen tröja på dig?

2011-09-11 @ 22:55:08
Postat av: Hanna

Jag har en tröja på mig!! Den bara slets sönder lite grann när jag fastnade i dörrhandtaget......

2011-09-11 @ 22:59:56

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