Thor is kinda hot...

Yeah, I watched the movie just now, and he is acctually. Sadly the movie is really cheesy and bad though!
However, I forgot to blog yesterday. So I'm going to post some pictures from then nooooow.

So first, yesterday, I was meeting Sandra! We watched some incredibly romantic movie.

"The lost Valentine"...

Me sitting in Sandras sofa.... Haha.

Then, aftwards, I went to pick up Valle, and then went all the way to meet up Robin after work.

I got to choose place to eat!!
And, I acctually forgot to say it, thank you for the food Robin! ♥

Valle was very happy to meet Robin, obviously.

Robin was just as happy, and poured both toys and aeroplane rides on Valle, haha.



So, today we had a bit of a playtime in school...

First, we played a game where we were to hide matches, as birds, and try and remember where we hid them.
And make sure some other birds didn't find and take them...
Let's just say, Karin would've been a very fat bird, seeing she came out with some hell of a lot of matches.

I would've been a dead bird.

Then we got to play "food, shelter or water" for deers. And, well, Jeanette was the first deer.
Whenever a deer choose either food, shelter or water, another deer was made.
And whenever a deer was without "it's resource"  it died..
And that way we were running around as crazy idiots trying to get to that partner playing as the resource we wanted...

Then some got to play bats, and other moths.. that were to be caught by the bats..

Let's just say it was a very weird game.
And that Karin would be a very fat bat.

And, most important of all, it's really fun studying to be a teacher, hahaha!

Then I found a toad with Sara!

And a butterfly decided to land on me, all of a sudden?!

Anyway, we were to gather some insects too.
And sort them by colour.
I got to try and catch them!

I was, obviously, also the one forced to suck all the insects into a little jar.
I got the feeling I got them in my mouth constantly...
...and yes. The pictures of me is awful, haha.

And, we did alot more, but I was tooooo tired to photo more.
Besides, it feels a bit rude to post pictures of Jenni and Micke without asking....

Hope you all had a wonderful day!
I'm going to force Candid to say "sssshshhhhhhchhhchhhsjälv" now, hihi.


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