It's storm outside?!

I adore when the wind is blowing and you can hear how the storm is raging outside, but yesterday the wind acctually blew in from the window joints. You could both feel the icecold breeze and see how the candlelights flickerd like mad. There's really no wonder why I keep having blankets around me!

I'm not reallly in a trance mood, but the 'AIAIAIA, I'M A LITTLE BUTTERFLY' is just... very me.

Well I was awoken around 7 this morning, so I'm acctually quite tired. Does not feel good to go swimming in like an hour! Karin and me is taking that 1 km again, yay.

At least I had my 300kcal breakfast! ♥
Containing cottage cheese; 150g, Vanilla youghurt; 150 g, Raspberries; 20g, Blueberries; 20g and sprinkles of flaxseed. Ominominominom?
And coffe, of course.

And yes MOMMY, read the newspaper today aswell. But I'm not acctually going to comment anything from it today, haha!

However this video. I know I'm really behind, but... Shit. Don't you just wish you could do this?
Just lure them.
And give them what they deserve.


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