Mr. True-epic-meal-time-lover has found a new love!

Which of course both me and Valle watched with him.

To prove his awsomeness, Valle decided to copy and do the exact same thing.
Chug his pucko.
Like santa.

We also went to the store..

When you go with Grovs to the store you always walk home with epic food you'd never thought you'd found yourself buying. Garlic in herbmarinade, fresh broccoli, chiquita smoothies, fresh forestmushrooms, chips from root crops, olive / sesame crackers and..

Minced elkmeat..

But damn he can cook food.

There are no words that can explain how awsome it tasted.

Peas, fresh broccoli, coctailtomatoes and garlics in herbmarinade fried together with pesto, and fried salmon.

Not sure how many calories I am on now though.
900-1000 kcal perhaps?
I'll try and write later, but now we're going to play boardgames, rawr!


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