So I cleaned the kitchen,

by removing the old kitchen table(tried to disembel it) and put up new curtains that matches the new table and chairs!

So this is how the kitchen looked like before, curtain, table and chair- wise.
(Yes, this is a really old picture, from last year)
Nya möbler
This is how the new kitchen table, chair and curtains look like. Alot lighter, right?

The old kitchenchairs was put infront of the computer. It was broken however, so..
I fixed it with ducktape, haha!

When I was done cleaning the kitchen, Valle remind me of the promised I made - to bake cookies.

Valle helped out really good.

He's showing how you're supposed to hit on the dough.

liten kaka
Can you see what kind of cookies we are making?

liten kaka
Valle is counting the cookies, but he really didn't want to be on the picture.
However, he choose the kind of cookies we would make! Checkerd cookies, hihi.

Valle was acctually jumping up and down when we took them out of the oven.

And now we're watching
Pitch Black and eating cookies.

But now, I'm going to play with Candid instead.
Which is far more fun then watching Vin Diesel, hihi.


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