Movie today!

So this is the movie I'm going to watch, it looks quite nice?

At least it will be fun going out with Karin and Pernilla. I really missed them.

Now I'm thinking of doing pasta, since Fala said that would be easy... Now when it comes to me, cooking is not really easy, haha. But I guess I'll just post the result here later. Besides, my dad will probably eat and realise he shouldn't try and force me to cook if it taste badly... It's a plan? Hell yeah!

I've also decided to wear my lovely dress, which isn't really new anymore since I've worned it a thousand times, and put on some make up to honour the day, hihi.


Yeah, you try and take pictures of yourself and see how great it goes...
At least you can see the wonderful colours!


Anyway, I will miss Dreadra who is going for a vacation for a week tomorrow, and I'll probably not see him more today. But I'm wishing him a wonderful, epic vacation!


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