Nice Balcony,

Well, I decided that we'd go to the store and get new things to pimp the balcony!

This is how it looked like before..

Valle got to go by bike to the store, since it's a long way there.

Äter korv
He even got to eat a hotdog to gain energy.

Well, both me and Valle found the balcony a lot more comfortable now that we got it fixed.

We filled up the pillowplace with the rest of the pillows later, but theese were the new ones that I bought.
He looks satisfied and comfy, right?

Now I'm going to watch Simpsons and Family guy with Valle, and hope that we'll raid Blackwing Decent tonight. Otherwise I guess I'll just wait and hope Candid comes home early, but he deserves having fun more.. So I suppose I should hope he won't come home until tomorrow, haha!


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