Movie was great,

of course we will never act like that teacher, so we felt awsome, hihi! Though I have this jingle stuck in my head, which I cannot find on internet... I guess I'll get it out later tonight, I just wish I could forget it NAUW.

The dinner I cooked for my dad and Valle was a total disaster by the way. I was supposed to fry some champions and onion, to put with the pasta and the sauce, but the lid from the pepperdispenser flew off and half of the frying pan was filled with peppar.... Yeah, who said pasta was simple? So they got to eat pasta with mushroomsauce and bacon. Only. I wonder why my dad said he rarely eat dinner, it was too early for him to eat, and only took a little... HMM.

Yeah, maybe that was why...

Valle is however cute as a prince-ss. He was so happy to spend the evening with his granddad he picked flowers to him as a surprise..

plocka blommor
He really loves those flowers..

Sniffa blommor?
REALLY loves them!

Anyway, Good night everyone! And thank you for a wonderful day!


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