I didn't feel all that good yesterday, which made me leave the blog for today instead.
Well, I went to the park to see my mom.

Valle was really proud to show off the cookies he had made!

Busig Bus
He was really excited to be in the park!
(he sure is strong, right?)

My mom then read "
Mamma mu" to Valle.
Here Valle is also pretending to be a bridge..

Afterwards, me and Valle went up to "City" to meet Robin!

They were happy seeing eachother again.

Robin promised to help me dye my hair, which he did. So now I have black ears and neck, since I didn't bother to get the last colour of my skin... Haha!

Färga håret
Yeah, you don't look that good when your hair is beeing dyed..

Later on, my boyfriend decide to shoot both Robin and Valle. Which started a bit of a war..

pang pang
Robin wanted to look cool... I guess..

pew pew
Valle took it serious however, and ran away to sneak behind corners.

Pew pew
Reloading was hard for a 4-yearold, hihi.

Well, yesterday night, the raid was called. So I finally managed to finish looking Suckerpunch. That movie is really... different. I understood it throughout the entire movie, until the last scenes.

The music is however brilliant.

And we(Me, Candid and Dreadra) managed to finally do Blackwing Lair, which I ever never done before! At first we had Gimkara to help us through it, but then I got mindcontrolled for about..15 minutes.. And he managed to give up and go pvp instead. Cheat! But in the end.. we managed to kill Nefarian. I got his head! ♥
Last off, thank you for being there for me Candid and Dreadra!


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