Well, today I rememberd that I had to leave some books at the library, so of we went before it closed!

Valle infront of the library doors.

Läsa bok
We even had time to read some books!

Well, when we went passed a girl that was begging for money on our way to the library, Valle sighed his special "Ehehehehehuuuuu" (You got to hear it to understand..). Obviously I thought it was a coincidence.. but he did it again on the way back. Now who has taught him this?!

A lovely day deserves dancing in a park, right?

Well, Valle decided that we were going to eat chicken-sticks(his choice of words..), but since I didn't know any good place for this. I managed to bribe him to go to my dads girlfriends café!

So this is their café outdoors, it sure looks nice?

And the inside is even better!

Valle gömmer sig
Yeah, Valle managed to get away from the picture, hahaha.

And this is the food, nomnomnom!

Valle also managed to get two cones of icecream, and a cinnamonbun. He's jumping up and down from all the sugar, but at least he's happy, haha. Before we left, he also got to "ride" the hamock..
He said he really enjoyed it...

Well, if you feel like going here, the café is called "Frida och Jag", located here. They make everything from scratch, including bread and sauce, which makes it taste wonderful!

Now I'm going to raid, all alone...
Since Candid is in cinema,
and Dreadra is at his brothers musical.
Poor me!


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