Home again!

It was really wonderful being at Sandra's countryhouse! Sadly, the last thing I saw of her was her throwing up from being sick - just like her sister was day before - so I'm waiting to start getting it too now.
But before I will go to bed and sleep, I'm gonna post the pictures from what I was doing!

Well, first day, we went to watch Linda and Sandra in their competition.

Here they are fixing Knutten, the horse, to the competition.

All done with the wagon too!

Here they are riding precision, not to knock any balls of while riding through.. gates.. , and damn they look classy in those clothes! Look at Sandras hat!

Valle found it incredible boring, and fell asleep on me.

On Saturday, we went to play with Knutten, even though it was raining a bit.

Where's the horsies?

There's the horsie!

Knut in his stable.

Valle brushes Knut.

And he got to ride!

Back home and watch movie..

And take silly pictures, haha.

On Sunday, we went to a lovely teaparty. This was really the most wonderful.. ever.

Valle didn't get tea however, he got lemonade.

The table setting looked
this incredible!

Sandra is pointing to the cookie she wants..

And then eats it, hihi.

Afterwards, we went so Valle could go swim.

We went to a marketplace on Monday.

Yes, the market was inside a .. barn.

And really popular among the villagers, haha.

The barn was placed in absolute.. nowhere.

Then me and Valle waited in the car while Sandra and her mother was checking something..

Yeah, we had.. fun..

This is the teapot I bought!

And cream-pot(?!).
Valle is charming..?

Valle leker
Back at Sandras house, Valle played outside for several hours.

We built rockets!
Mine is on the truck, and Valle is holding his.

Raket lauch
Rocket launch!

We went swimming even that day, but this time Valle decided to roll in sand.

We got to ride the wagon on Thuseday!

Not the most comfterable wagon...

But it was really relaxing to just sit and watch all this country..


Valle got to ride this day too!

He got to swim too!
Sandra thought we'd go to the big beach though, caus it would be more people..

Valle was the only one disturbing the watersurface..

And Wednesday, which was today, we went home. The train was both cancelled and late, and Valle and me was sitting and waiting in hot sun.


And finally on our way home.

As I said, it was a wonderful holiday!
But now it is nice to be home.
Dreadra greated me, like the entire guild, and I'm happy to be back with all of you!
Incredible how much I missed you all!
Now I'm just waiting for Candid to come back, and it'll all be as before, hihi.


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