I miss my boyfriend,

I hate that he has to work this much...

First off, I have to eat disgusting food almost everyday. He's really rather good at cooking, and I'm like a natural disaster. Maybe I should start forcing him to cook food that I can heath in a microwave. Because right now I rather starve then eat another thing that I've tried cooking.

Second, all I have to listen to is a 4-year-old speaking like a Gremlin constantly. I love my son, of course, and I love to listen to him talking. But the intellectual conversations is just not there, especially since his favourite subjects are pokémon and trucks. Preferable combined.

Third, I really want to hug him. I don't know why, seeing I'm not the most cuddly person, but I feel like having someone taking care of me right now. And he really does that good. :)

But, as Terra pointed out, I really should be proud of my boyfriend working this much. He has a job that he works hard for, and does it good, and he has promised to do fun stuff with me when he's finally off work, but I guess I'm just dreaming away.
Dreaming of talking long nightwalks along the beach, bbq-picnics, going for a swim, watching movies together, going out for dinner..... You know. All that romantic shit. I just hope we could do it sometime. At all.


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