Yesterday and Today,

Since Candid left early this morning, I didn't blogg yesterday. Wanted to talk to him the few hours that were left before he'd leave. I miss him really much already!

Now, yesterday, we went skateboarding a bit, as I said, but Valle didn't seem to get how you'd supposed to ride that skateboard...
On tummy..

Or just sitting down..

Today, my friend, Karin, came by. Valle decided to compliment her, by pointing at shakira, while listening to 'Loca, loca', and say 'that's you!'. Isn't he such a charmer? He also compared my singing to a birds song. Hopefully, he meant a singing bird.. not a crow..
Valle tried courting Karin by giving her different Lego-constructions.

We decided to bake some cookies.

Omnomnom, choclate dreams?

Karin and I also came up with this brilliant idea! Acording to her, the most sold book in entire Sweden is this cookie-recipe-book, "Seven kinds of cookies", and we decided that we were going to bake every recipe in the entire book and post pictures in a blogg for everday doing so...


After baking, we met up with our other friend, Pernilla, and went to eat.

Notice that playground in the background...?

Yes, of course!

Karin always have to look so stylish..

No wonder Pernilla said '
yes' when Karin proposed...
Runt runt runt
Well, of course, we continued playing.
Think there's a video of this too, but...
It's secretly hidden by Karin.
Thank god.


Runt runt runt :D
They even rode together round and round..

Well, after this, my phone died. And no more pictures. But we had a wonderful evening. Where Pernilla both managed to break her engagment to Karin, and Karin managed to get her back with a lovely rose. Which Pernilla eventually gave to me. Yes, we will never ever stop playing... Unserious for life, tihi.
Sleep well!
You too Candid, in fucking Greek. ♥


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