Going to cook food soon,

Just wanted to listen to some music and post theese pictures before I go!

So we went swimming together with Karin!

First me and Valle were on the kidside, and splish splashed while Karin were swimming, and then I got to swim my 1 km while Karin was with Valle. I felt a bit woozy afterwards, since it's been such a long time since I've done it. Valle did however not really want to leave, and claimed that he wanted to go bathing with Embla. So tomorrow we might acctually do that!

Coffee with Jesper, Embla and my mom.

After alot of splish splashing Valle needed recharing, and an enormous cake was of course the way to go!

Jesper was of course also photgraphing..

And Embla is just.. adorable!

But now I'm going to cook food.
Only had 400 kcal so far today.


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